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Rules and customs formalities

Passengers on arrival

If you are a traveller or passenger arriving at one of Lao's international airports or border crossing you may bring into Laos any personal belongings that do not exceed the amounts permitted.  These amounts are listed below :

You are otherwise bound by all regulations and requirements concerning the import of foreign or Lao currency, precious objects, archaeological and cultural objects and any other restricted or prohibited goods.

You do not need to fill in a Customs declaration form and you can choose to walk through the green 'Nothing to Declare' channel.  If you have any goods in excess of the limits above or goods that are restricted or prohibited you should walk through the red 'Something to Declare' channel and declare the goods when questioned by the Customs officer.

Exemptions from Customs Duties

Certain categories of goods are exempt from Customs duties.  Below is a brief list of these exemptions.  We recommend, however, that you enquire with Customs to ascertain whether you can take advantage of these concessions.

Passengers on departure

If you are a traveller or passenger leaving Lao's international airports or border crossing you do not need to fulfill any specific Customs procedures unless you are intending to export goods that are subject to restrictions or prohibitions.  In this respect you must comply with the normal regulations with regards to these categories of goods which are issued by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce.   If you are in any doubt report to the Customs authorities at the border.

Goods you don't have the right to export :

Goods Purpose
Archeological objects including Buddha statues, angel statues and holy objects, national heritages with historical and cultural values of 50 years old or older.  

For protection of national artistic and cultural heritage “protection of valuable national artistic, historical and archeological heritage” in compliance with Article XX (f) of GATT 1994.

Supervising authority: Ministry of Information and Culture

Bat guano / manure 

For protection of natural resources.

Supervising authority: Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Contact information

Department of Import and Exportof the Ministry of Industry and Commerce :

Phonexay Road
Ban Phonexay
Saysettha District,
PO Box 4107 Vientiane Capital

Tel: +856 21 454 224
Fax: +856 21 454 224



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